Application Case of Waste Sorting Conveyor Belt


The waste sorting conveyor belt developed by our company has been successfully applied in the fields of household, construction, and chemical waste treatment. According to feedback from over 200 waste treatment plants in the market, the conveyor belt operates stably and has not experienced any issues of cracking or durability problems as the conveying capacity increases. It has contributed to achieving significant economic benefits in the sorting industry."


"In 2022, a waste processing plant approached us, reporting that the conveyor belt currently in use is not wear-resistant and frequently experiences detachment and delamination issues, which affects production and can even lead to the entire conveyor belt being scrapped, resulting in significant economic losses. They requested us to develop a wear-resistant and long-lasting conveyor belt specifically for their needs. Andtech's technical personnel understood the customer's operating environment and conducted over 300 chemical corrosion and object abrasion experiments among more than 200 types of raw materials, focusing on the corrosion resistance and wear resistance required in the waste sorting industry. By improving the adhesion between the belt cores and increasing the wear resistance of the belt body, we ultimately developed a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant conveyor belt. Beijing Waste Sorting Company has reported excellent feedback after using it and we have established a long-term partnership.


Special features of the waste sorting conveyor belt:

1. A+ grade raw materials with high tensile strength, preventing deviation and enhancing wear resistance and durability by 25%.

2. Addition of newly developed acid-alkali resistant additives effectively prevent chemical materials from corroding the belt body, increasing acid-alkali resistance by 55%.

3. High-frequency vulcanization technology and 4 cold and hot-pressing treatments for the joints, increasing joint strength by 85%.

4. Manufacturer with 20 years of production and research experience, 35 product engineers, internationally certified SGS factory, and ISO9001 quality certified enterprise."

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