Features of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

1.Adopt high galvanized steel wire rope:adopt high galvanized open wire rope to meet various special needs. Wire rope with high toughness and low elongation can obtain higher joint efficiency. Galvanized steel wire rope can be closely bonded with core glue to form an important anti-corrosion protective layer.

2.High tenacity:the steel wire rope core conveyor belt can meet the application requirements of various working conditions, and continuous research and development of higher strength conveyor belt, in order to meet the long-term distance improvement of the conveying system.

3.Reduce stress trips:the elongation of wire rope core conveyor belt is 0.25% under rated tension. In many applications, it can reduce the tension trip and reduce the investment. It is a suitable choice for long haul distance or low elongation transportation occasions.

4.Longer joint life:according to the dynamic joint test of German standard DIN22131, part 3, the joint can achieve the same service life as the belt body.

5.High impact resistance:cover and core adhesive excellent bonding performance, to ensure good impact resistance and tear resistance.

6.Lower unit transportation costs:higher strength and longer wire rope core conveyor belt per roll can reduce the number of transfer stations, joints, reduce tension travel, reduce conveyor belt inventory, all of which effectively save investment costs. Reliable joint life reduces downtime and unit transportation costs for materials.

Technical specification Parameter


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